Things that make me happy...

Snowboarding, old cars (looking at - not owning), sailing, visiting artist studios and dog walking our beautiful ginger collie cross, Taska.

Scotland (particularly west coast - although all fishing villages - in fact all coasts!) - love to be near the sea.

Travelling - Barcelona, New York, Cuba, Oslo and Reykjavik and Islay are current favourites.

Street Photography - particularly when humour is involved so Matt Stuart, Elliott Erwitt (humour and dogs - what more do you need) and Martin Parr are my favourites.


For me it's natural documentary photography with a filmic edge 

I like to tell your story.  The joy, the humour, the laughter, the emotion and energy of the day..  

I've not mentioned candids - it's how and why I started in wedding photography.  The feedback I receive most is that my photographs revive the feeling from the day.  It is the informal, unseen moments that are a major part of this.

I was brought up in a village near Glasgow, now living in Argyll.  This is Argyll.  It's blooming stunning with the most amazing light - usually in the daytime but just occasionally at night as well.  Travel regularly round Scotland - love discovering new places.

Taska - our football playing (Team Scotland obviously - look at that colouring) dog

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